Design Tools Pattern tiled (Demo)

20 Nov: Moving design forward

by Gwynn Kirk, Designer & Editor In my last design article, I talked about how flat design has come to be the standard for a majority of new apps and websites today. While the initial iterations of flat design were…

Google_Glass_with_frame (1) (Demo)

20 Oct: Deploying wearable technology

Wearables have been quite polarizing in the consumer market. While some have heralded the arrival of more seamless forms of technology into everyday life, others have balked at the potential privacy issues that such “invisible” technology can bring into everyday…

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24 Jun: eTrove now launching for Optometrists

Vertical Motion creates value and increases retention for clients and partners  Since the launch of eTrove in February 2014 for the Dental and Orthodontic Industries, eTrove clients have seen a great return on investment. The app has had a 100%…