Summit Memorials

Streamlining monument design processes with a new 3D memorial design tool powered by Unity game engine technology





Alberta & Saskatchewan


  • .Net Core
  • .Net Identity Framework
  • .Net Web Api Framework
  • Autodesk 3ds Max
  • Digital Signature
  • Microsoft Azure
  • QuickBooks
  • Unity


Summit Memorials specializes in the craftsmanship of cemetery headstones and grave markers for families throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan. Summit Memorials approached Vertical Motion to develop a 3D-based application that would help streamline the order process flow and allow families to visualize the cemetery memorial within a 3D environment.



The cemetery headstones and grave markers were constructed with Autodesk 3ds Max to produce an accurate visualization within the 3D environment. In addition, Vertical Motion developed a web-based backend to support the administrative requirements of the application. Through the years multiple catalogue updates have progressed to ensure the application is current. Most recently, a lightweight 2D interface has been added to the application for speedy editing, and invoices are now integrated into the system using digital signatures.

This 3D memorial designer has a web-based administrative back end and uses Unity as well as ASP.NET for an interactive monument-building experience.
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