Updating and transforming this global industry partnership as they seek to accelerate the adoption of edge AI and vision in products

The basics


Artificial Intelligence


Northern California


10 Years

Worth of Data Converted


Member Accounts


Images & Articles


  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Databases
  • WordPress


Edge AI and Vision Alliance is a Northern California industry global partnership that seeks to bring together technology providers and consumer-facing companies to accelerate the adoption of edge AI and vision in products. Vertical Motion was approached for assistance in upgrading Edge AI’s website with over a decade of content into a responsive and modern content management system.



Involving extensive database migration and modification, the upgrade of the main corporate site with its decades of history and content was an undertaking that left Edge AI and Vision Alliance with a sparkling new interface and robust update tools. The annual Embedded Vision Summit site, by contrast, was more straightforward – but still highly detailed, involving cross-tagged speakers, presentations, categories, and times.

Vertical Motion migrated over 5000+ member accounts and 15K+ images and articles from the decade old Drupal website to a modern WordPress site.
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