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.NET Core Command Line Cheatsheet

An interesting trend I’ve noticed over the last several years is a strong move in the development world to command-line CLIs. They can really make common tasks easier if set up properly. Some of these tasks are creating new projects, adding template-based files to a project, performing builds, and many more. If you’re anything like me though, these benefits come at a cost which increases the more CLIs you use. And that’s memory capacity. I’m pretty terrible at remembering the piles of commands needed for each of the frameworks and tools I use on a day-to-day basis.

At Vertical Motion, we tend to do a lot of our backend API development using the .NET Core framework. For anyone experienced or just getting started with .NET Core, which you probably are if you’re reading this, it can be hard to remember the various commands you need on a semi-regular basis. Some examples are:

  • Building a project
  • Adding a package dependency
  • Adding an Entity Framework Core migration

As a quick reference for myself and our team, I created a quick cheatsheet of the handful of commands we use. We would now like to share it with our fellow developers. Simply enter your name and email address below to download it. Enjoy!

Download the free .NET Core Command Line Cheatsheet

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