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Helping Canadian entrepreneurs reach their goals.

Our entrepreneur assistance professionals specialize in product launch planning & execution, business scaling & marketing, grant application assistance, and fractional business support. We engage top Canadian executives with decades of experience in clean technology, venture development, public relations, process design, product manufacturing, software development, entrepreneurship, finance, sales, and marketing.

Product Launch

We’re with you every step of the way! From idea to execution and beyond, our team of experts will assist you in building, launching, and growing your business.

Step 1

Market Validation

Far too many businesses have failed to conduct proper research in the early stages of product development. The result is often catastrophic, with very few surviving a mistake of this magnitude. At Vertical Motion, we help establish a strategic plan to test early hypotheses and ensure your product development is backed by well-founded research before launch.

Step 2

Business Plan Development

Business plans are one of the most important documents entrepreneurs need for their business. Contained in this document is critical information about your revenue streams, value proposition, and target market, which plays a significant role when seeking financial investment. Our team of expert entrepreneur advisors and business strategists will guide you through each section to develop a clear and robust business plan that meets the expectations of venture capitalists and key stakeholders alike.

Step 3

Product Strategy

A new and exciting idea is a great starting point for any new business, but in and of itself does not lead to success. Important product stages, including prototyping, pilot testing, MVP development, and full deployment, must be considered when developing your product road mapping. At Vertical Motion, we’ll work closely with your team to understand your ideas, goals, values, and aspirations to assist you in developing an actionable product roadmap that serves your business well today and in the future.

Step 4

Software Development

At Vertical Motion, we believe in using the power of technology to change lives. That’s why we always seek the best solution for your one-of-a-kind idea. Our highly-skilled development team will plan, design, and develop a custom software solution to delight your stakeholders & support your business growth.

Step 5

Digital Marketing

The best way to sell a great product is through the support of great marketing. At Vertical Motion, our experienced marketing specialists will work to formulate a strategy that aligns with industry best practices and presents your business in a professional and authentic light.

Step 6

Business Growth

As customer demand continues to grow, so too must your business. Our Vertical Motion business advisors and coaches will help you responsibly scale your operations through targeted business growth workshops and strategic implementation planning.

Recent Clients

Grant Funding Assistance

Money today to fund your tomorrow

Acquiring sufficient capital to fund business development is a challenging part of building a successful organization. Even more complex, however, is finding the right financial source that offers you the funds you need today without sacrificing your equity. As a Canadian founder, you have access to hundreds of grants, vouchers, and other non-dilutive funding sources to ease the financial burden of making your vision a reality. While the availability of funding should come with a great sense of relief, the evaluation and application process can often be a confusing, time-consuming, and costly endeavour.

 At Vertical Motion, we make this process simple. Our team will work with you to identify non-dilutive funding opportunities that meet the needs of your business and will help you compile the necessary information to complete your application on time. Our extensive experience in facilitating the application process will help you tell your story the right way to maximize your chances of application approval.

Step 1


We want to get to know you! In our first workshop, you’ll begin by telling us about your business, target market, focal problem, value proposition, business plan, revenue streams, early success, and goals for the future.

Step 2


Next, our team of expert funding analysts will utilize our grant matching technology to identify the top 3 non-dilutive funding opportunities for your business.

Step 3


After identifying and selecting the best funding solution for your business, we’ll facilitate several workshops to assist you in compiling and producing the necessary information to position your business as a viable candidate for financial support.

Step 4


Once all materials are compiled and your grant application is ready for submission, we’ll conduct a final audit to ensure it meets industry standards and captures the narrative of your business.

Step 5


Finally, you’re ready to submit your application to the governing grant funding body for review. Their review process is not immediate, and we encourage businesses to apply for more than one grant to increase the chances of receiving funds.

C-Suite on Demand

Executive expertise when you need it most

Human capital is among the most valuable assets an organization can possess, however, it can also be one of the hardest to acquire. Increasing labour shortages coupled with record-breaking market demand means businesses may spend weeks or months recruiting and evaluating candidates. In highly competitive markets with small margins for error, business owners cannot afford to pause operations while they search for the right person to support their needs. 

At Vertical Motion, our C-Suite on Demand service works to simplify this process by temporarily placing an industry-leading executive into your organization. Your industry expert will work alongside your internal team to assess operational inefficiencies, plan strategic resolutions, recruit additional support and train employees to take over operations after their term has ended.

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Entrepreneurship | Product Launch

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Finance | Executive Coaching

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