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Product Launch Program

Test the concept before building the app.

Vertical Motion’s Product Launch program is designed to help entrepreneurs and business owners validate early stage software concepts prior to funding and development. Over nine weeks, our course educates participants on the four fundamental phases of product development: Customer Discovery, Market Validation, Competitive Analysis, and Solution Conceptualization.

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Program Highlights

We'll help you answer these   questions:

What is the problem statement?

Can you provide a detailed description of the issue to be addressed or the condition to be improved upon?

Who is the target audience?

What are the demographic, geographic, psychographic, and behaviouristic details of your ideal customer?

Have you conducted customer interviews?

How many individuals in your target audience have you interviewed, excluding friends and family?

What is the size of the market?

What is the Total Addressable Market (TAM), Serviceable Available Market (SAM), and Serviceable Obtainable Market (SOM) in dollars?

What is the competitive landscape?

Can you provide a list of direct and indirect competitors, a competitive analysis, and competitive matrix?

What is the value proposition statement?

Why should buyers choose you, and what is the promise of value that a customer can expect you to deliver?

Have you created use cases and storyboards?

Can you provide a detailed description of the application's features and functionalities?

What is the monetization strategy?

What is your revenue model, and what are the present and anticipated revenue streams?


If you can't answer these questions, your software application concept is still in its infancy and needs validation before seeking funding and development. Skipping this crucial stage may put your business at serious risk of financial loss and product failure.

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