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Getting to know Vertical Motion Inc.

Vertical Motion Inc. is a trusted Canadian software development and entrepreneur assistance company that has supported the global efforts of startups, non-profits, B2B, and B2C businesses since 2006. With headquarters in Calgary and Kelowna, and team members coast to coast, Vertical Motion Inc. is recognized as an award-winning leader in the technology industry. 

Industry Expertise

Our team of executive advisors, project managers, software developers, business analysts, marketing specialists, and graphic designers have extensive experience in several industries including:

Our Values

At Vertical Motion, we believe in going above and beyond. To achieve this, we seek every opportunity to:
Leave it Better than we Found it
Our goal as a company is to follow this familiar campground rule. We want to streamline processes, empower employees, and bolster entrepreneurs.
Fight for Clarity
When we show up we are ready to learn and enthusiastic about gaining a vital and meaningful understanding of our clients and their issues.
Create Passionately
Our ideal as a company is to stand behind our clients and what they’re working to create. We don’t just want to send invoices – we want to believe in a product.
Speak with our Actions
It takes courage to make choices with the courage of your convictions, internally and externally. We value follow-through, and honesty leavened with kindness.
Innovate Empathetically
It’s important to remember what it is like to be an entrepreneur: frustrating, invigorating, and even scary. Having that empathy helps us support the best choices.
Achieve Quality Through Persistence
Problem-solving sometimes requires relentless and consistent effort, and we believe in commitment to quality when the going gets tough.
Show Dauntless Curiosity

Technology is always changing, and embracing that change is part of what drives us. Learning, growing, and evolving based on a love of the cutting edge.

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