Underwood Gilholme Estate Lawyers

Rebranding and modernizing Calgary's premier wills & estates boutique after a decade of sustained success

Underwood Gilholme Estate Lawyers notice of location change on rebranded cards.



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Underwood Gilholme Estate Lawyers approached Vertical Motion for support in updating its brand and collateral, including logo, cards, and website. With an office move on the horizon, Underwood Gilholme was looking to modernize its brand image to enhance its look and feel.



Vertical Motion started by completing a total rebrand with updated print work, modernized typography, new business cards, and a postcard notice to clients and business contacts announcing the new brand to the world. Following this, the Vertical Motion team created a fresh new website with a cheerful, friendly approach to wills and estates, a topic some people consider with trepidation. Finally, the content and imagery were brightened and made relevant to Underwood Gilholme’s demographics and markets.

Underwood Gilholme made a splash in their new location with a logo that took the square motif from their original identity and reinterpreted it with a modern typeface and crisp shape, broken into a deconstructed tricolour gradient. The “frame” became a recurring motif in their website and materials, wreathing their headshots and buttons.
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