Dr. Jennifer Leason

Showcasing the teaching, research, and art of this Calgarian with an emphasis on her heritage and academic focus.







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Dr. Jennifer Leason is a university professor, researcher, artist, and member of the Pine Creek First Nations community. Dr. Leason approached Vertical Motion for website development as her previous Wix site failed to represent the beauty or manage the functionality to make her site sing. Using a foundation of Dr. Leason’s own paintings, writings, and artwork, the site was built to represent not only her work as a scholar and speaker but as a storefront for her art and books.



Vertical Motion started with the logo, freshening it to ensure the pure round circle of a seismic “ping” was represented. This branched off into several other projects, including an EcoSeis brand for their flagship software offering, PowerPoint presentations, video brand overlays, convention displays, and a website and social media appearance overhaul. Steady, tailored posting continues to amplify their message in the industry, showcasing their performance and presentations at conventions and with their peers.

"I love that I can say what I need and it gets done. It's tough as a professor, because I try to position myself as a leader in my research field, propel my field forward, and communicate it back to community and people. Everytime I have shared my vision with Vertical Motion, their team put it together in a beautiful way that spoke to who I was, my identify as an indigenous scholar, researcher, and artist. I have particularly loved how they have taken inspiration from my art and integrated it into scientific research. They're brilliant!"
Dr. Jennifer Leason
Professor | Researcher | Artist
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