Smartphone mockup of the STARS O2 Tank Time software application.

STARS Air Ambulance

STARS Air Ambulance Helping STARS Air Ambulance flight crew calculate patient oxygen intake during transport Overview Industry Emergency Medical Care Location Alberta Technology Project STARS Air Ambulance (STARS) provides rapid and specialized emergency care and transportation for critically ill or injured patients. Vertical Motion created a lightweight app for STARS that helps the flight crew quickly […]

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RealOffice360 Everything a homeowner needs to make informed decisions about their most valuable asset Overview Industry Real Estate Location Alberta Year One Results Users 3,600+ Listings 750+ MRR $20,000+ Technology Project Home Investment Advisor (HIA) is a real estate technology company based in Calgary, Alberta that is dedicated to building innovative software solutions to educate

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BBB Connect

BBB Connect This BBB app pilot rewards customers for choosing & referring accredited businesses Overview Industry Association Location National Technology Project BBB Connect is a custom application with a front and back-end component, servicing BBB Accredited Businesses and their clients. The Better Business Bureau in the greater Vancouver area kicked off BBB Connect with a

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Awire Connecting proprietary two-way radio technology through Bluetooth Overview Industry Communications Location Alberta Technology Project Through the Alberta Innovates program, Awire approached Vertical Motion to create an MVP app that paired through Bluetooth with their proprietary two-way radio technology. This would then provide a user with the ability to communicate via two-way radio within 1

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AgraCity Crop & Nutrition Ltd.

AgraCity Crop & Nutrition Ltd. A new user-friendly mobile application to support Alberta farmers Overview Industry Agriculture Location Alberta Technology Project AgraCity Crop & Nutrition Ltd. approached Vertical Motion to build a mobile app that would further elevate them as a disruptor in the Agribusiness industry, in addition to refreshing their website. Basics Solution Vertical

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Xyntax Community-based human resources application targeted at First Nations employees and their community members Overview Industry Human Resources Location Alberta Results Users 15,000+ Technology Project Xyntax is a human resources tool that integrates with an established proprietary software for first nations. Xyntax is a community-based human resources application targeted at First Nations employees and their

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Admazing Savings

Admazing Savings Moving everyone’s favourite print coupon book online with a convenient mobile application Overview Industry Coupons Location Alberta Technology Project Admazing Savings is a long-standing Alberta coupon book publisher that helps local organizations raise funds for their ongoing operations. Vertical Motion worked with Admazing Savings to bring its print book online through a convenient

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eTrove Rewarding loyal customers for referrals, visits, and treatments, with eTrove Overview Industry Loyalty Location Western Canada Technology Project Built top to bottom by Vertical Motion as a SaaS-based business, eTrove was a custom-designed mobile customer loyalty platform. eTrove rewarded clients for talking about businesses on social media, participating in promotions, and making referrals. In

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