In The News: Jason Jones in Capital Ideas Calgary – Calgary Herald

Once again our president, Jason Jones, has been featured in Capital Ideas Calgary today, December 4, 2014. Jason, with the help of the Vertical Motion team, answered the question, “What motivates people in your company?”

“As a full-service mobile development shop, our staff is motivated by how our projects are carried out. Everyone is involved throughout the process, from the planning stages, to working with clients, to the delivery of our products … Each project is different, and each one is rewarding. Most importantly, they are motivated by our company culture. We have a small but lean core team at Vertical Motion. We feel very much like a family, and are all invested in the company’s success. We make sure to maintain a positive work environment, where respect and trust are of utmost importance.”

– Jason Jones, president of Vertical Motion

Check out Jason’s response in today’s Calgary Herald and at this link.

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