Vertical Motion launches Olds College Entrepreneurship App

Better than the back of a napkin!

You’re enjoying coffee with a good friend, when suddenly you happen upon an interesting business idea. It’s so great that it leaves you scrambling for a napkin and a pen.

But where do you go from there? The Business Idea Assessment app is a way to test the potential of your concept by helping you think through its market and profit potential, as well as how entrepreneurship might mesh in your own life. In a matter of minutes, the app can tell you if your idea is, or isn’t, worth pursuing.

The mission of the Canadian Institute for Rural Entrepreneurship is to create an environment for learning, inquiry, partnership and communication that supports students, employees and communities in the service of society.

  • DOES THE MATH FOR YOU: A debt to equity ratio calculator
  • ANALYSIS ON THE GO: A Break Even Analysis that shows exactly how many sales must be made in a month and in a year to break even
  • THOUGHT-PROVOKING: A simple, yet thorough, set of questions designed to collect and rank the probability of a successful business


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