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The explosion in mobile technology has opened a door to new business processes and efficiencies, to be gained by empowering stakeholders to perform their duties quicker, easier, and more accurately on the road or in the field. There is huge variety in mobile applications, from games to electronic forms, inventory resource management, GPS-driven utilities. To ensure ease of maintenance and app store updating, many mobile apps need a web-administration component, which Vertical Motion also provides.

iPhone apps are often the first that spring to mind, but mobile development in general is booming. iPad, iPhone, Android, and Blackberry are all distinct systems to consider when you are thinking of building out a mobile application, each with their own benefits and limitations.

Vertical Motion offers custom mobile development, and has created applications for clients such as BOMA Calgary, the Calgary Humane Society, and The Fringe Festival.

Every app is different, but we usually pose these questions to interested clients:

  • Will all your functionality reside on the hand-held device?
  • Will the app need to “talk” to a website or database?
  • How big in size will the application be? Are there large sound, graphic, or data files to consider?
  • How often will the application need to be updated?
  • Do you have an extant web service that can provide back-end support to the functionality and maintenance of the app, or do
  • you need to create that first?
  • Is your app intended to reach your community better, or act as a community service?
  • What’s your business plan with the app? Are you looking to make money on it, and if so, how?

We’d love to talk with you about your iPhone or mobile application. Contact us for a quote.

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From the first moment I contacted Vertical Motion to inquire about developing an iPhone app for the Calgary Humane Society they were amazing to work with. The professionalism shown as we worked through the process of developing the app was great.
– Shawn Barrie, Calgary Humane Society