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Vertical Motion provides custom software integration in a targeted, tailored implementation. Our aim is to streamline existing processes while supporting transition, eliminating inefficiency through a collaborative application of creative software solutions. We are the crack “away team” whose goal is to focus exclusively on a business problem, establish its parameters, devise an innovative architecture blueprint, and execute those blueprints in a way that empowers companies to self-manage solutions in perpetuity.

In the past, Vertical Motion has designed solutions including applications to streamline data entry, reducing the human error and overhead of entering the same information into multiple sources, operating to keep systems in sync; applications that reduce multiple pieces of software with a single robust alternative, and applications that replace layered, archaic spreadsheet processes handed down from year to year, on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Vertical Motion has created custom software integration solutions for companies such as Shell, WellTraxx, and Stuart Olson.

Bringing in backup

When a business is experiencing a pain point, siphoning cycles from existing employees can be disruptive to regular operations. The alternative – hiring full-time to solve a short-term problem – is not just costly in terms of time and money, but also impractical: it’s hard to win the best talent for a short commitment.

Vertical Motion developers are the kind of dedicated, creative, and analytical thinkers that can mesh with your existing team members, relieving them of the burden of handling a process pain point and ultimately supporting them in their daily operations.

Our development cycle

Vertical Motion developers ramp up quickly, and perform platform-agnostically depending on client need – Windows, mobile, native and HTML5. They are committed to excellence in the most stable technologies and structured techniques, while keeping abreast on cutting edge innovations in the software sphere.

Understanding that time and attention are at a premium, Vertical Motion focuses on a thorough up-front requirements gathering process to determining Launch Blueprints, a true “developer’s bible.”

Structured to reflect client feedback and truly define the problem being solved, this is an integral step in ensuring Vertical Motion can work independently and generate useful results in a tight timeline.

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We were consistently impressed by Vertical Motion’s ability to independently follow through on their plans on time and on budget. They have integrity and do what they say they’re going to do. I’m often traveling and I felt comfortable knowing that progress was being made without having to micromanage the development.
– Andrew Mackowski, Shell