Vertical Motion can work with established brands, provide a quick refresher, or begin your identity work from the ground up.

  1. A selection of various logos developed over the years.
  2. A main brand with multiple sub-brands for a child education company.
  3. A logo designed for a startup focusing on tailored information for travellers.
  4. A selection of three logos for UBC, the BBB, and eTrove.
  5. Another selection of various logos.
  6. The block and ribbon layouts of the BBB Connect Logo.

Often the first print material you need in a business. We can create anything from simple crisp white all the way to die-cut and foiled.

  1. Vertical layout cards for eTrove.
  2. A selection of various designs over the years.
  3. Mixing vertical and horizontal for a rotating sense of play, with a nice spot varnish for shine.
  4. Business cards as convention-floor advertising.
  5. Showing both simple and clean, and vibrant and bright.
  6. Photographic cards for a vacation home.

Everyone needs a website! We focus on WordPress sites which are quick to set up, responsive for mobile, and easy to update.

  1. One generation of the entero website, shown here on a tablet.
  2. Parallax depth adds to the main hero slider of this site.
  3. Motion, drama, and austere professionalism are hallmarks.
  4. Stark and bold, with a strong feature area for events.
  5. Focused on driving users to an interactive, real-estate style filter system for their accomodations products.
  6. A vibrant public face for a restricted members-only communications platform.

High impact and packed with information, trifolds and printed leave-behinds can help customers understand you and your business.

  1. “You are here, so are we” – coining a catchphrase for a company that specializes in setting up communications systems for remote operations.
  2. One of many advertising brochures for seasonal courses.
  3. A two sided long card featuring a biographical capture and service description, left behind in health centres.
  4. Introducing a new brand with an iconic duo.
  5. Vibrant and glossy for a games company selling a tablet app.

Postcards, invitations, greeting & holiday cards – a little patch of paper folded or flat, e-mailed or in a lined envelope.

  1. An address-change notification for a boutique law firm.
  2. A brunch invitation at a downtown loft.
  3. Advertising seasonal delights of winter and summer at a mountain getaway.
  4. Take-home participation cards for a dental loyalty program.
  5. Christmas greetings for a consultant’s clients.
  6. Visitor guidebook at a vacation home.

From posters to banners, flags, and convention displays, sometimes you have to think big to make a real statement.

  1. Dramatic ceiling-height displays at CES.
  2. A selection of standing banners for a variety of clients.
  3. A selection of wall posters for a variety of clients.
  4. Showing an event poster set up at a theatre, marquee-style.
  5. Event identification and direction posters.
  6. Smaller-scale convention display.

Powerpoint presentations, one-pagers, annual reports, and even business plans – we format and flesh it out so your data can shine.

  1. A couple of powerpoint slides form a recent presentation, here presented as a brochure.
  2. Annual presentation, shared digitally, here presented as a booklet.
  3. Handout for convention attendees, printable, shared digitally.
  4. Media kit, shared digitally, here presented as a booklet.
  5. New business toolkit, printable, shared digitally.
  6. One-pagers and conference notices distributed as sales tools.

Sometimes you need to get out of the virtual space and look around. Vertical Motion has undertaken a few interior design projects.

  1. Welcome area featuring 3D metal logo sign of this lawyer’s office.
  2. Airstone wall defines the reception area.
  3. Airstone continues into the main boardroom.
  4. Warm country farmhouse styling in this vacation house.
  5. Handcrafted woodwork and art throughout.
  6. New french doors in the master bedroom lend an airy feel.

From t-shirts to branded giveaway swag, specialized diagrams, and advertisements in mediums from magazine to newspaper to banner ad, we do it all.

  1. “For those about to clock, we salute you” – a joking reference to overclocking computers to increase their speed, which benefits from liquid cooling.
  2. A research methodology diagram.
  3. Magazine advertisement.
  4. A business process diagram.
  5. Fabric bag swag design for conference attendees.
  6. Design for vodka bottle.

Design Services

Vertical Motion can design your identity from the ground up, or work with an existing brand to create strong print collateral and website designs. We can also ensure the flow and usability of application user interfaces, either from scratch up or on a consulting basis. And we will write or edit anything from taglines to business plans.

  • Branding: naming, logo design, colour advice, original iconography
  • Business cards: a mainstay of communicating your identity in business
  • Powerpoint Templates: reusable design and layouts, as well as content storyboarding, creation, graphic elements, animations, and transitions
  • Word Templates: letterhead, proposals, documentation, stylings
  • Advertisement: Print & online advertisement, from full-page magazine ads to banner animations
  • Corporate packages: branded folders, one-pagers, brochures
  • Convention support: large-scale displays, posters, custom handouts
  • Mailouts: postcards, powerkards, letterhead, custom envelopes
  • Usability reviews: updating & enhancing an existing site or application to improve its interface
  • Website design: the face of your company online

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